Services We Provide

Metro Security Services provides excellent service to our clients in The Gambia by providing the best quality security service with the most competitive pricing.

We provide professional and trust worthy services with personal attention to our customer’s needs and strong local management support in the following areas: 

·         Commercial Property

·         Residential Protection

·         Financial Services (Guarding and Escort duties)

·         Manufacturing and Industry

·         Leisure & Tourism

·         Oil Companies

·         Ports and Airports

·         Shopping Centers

·         Diplomatic Security (Hospitality and VIP area staffing)

·         Community policing (Estate community security services)

·         Hotels

Specialist Services:

·         Sporting Events (Security stewards)

·         Open air and Indoor Events (Concerts and ceremonies)

·         Exhibitions

·         CCTV and Control Room Operators

·         Conferences, Seminars and AGMS

·         Security Consultancy and Training Services


METRO Security Services Gambia Limited believes strongly that adequate supervision of our employees is an essential activity. This is particularly true where new guards and officer assigned to their first post are involved. We recognize that just doing well in a classroom training environment does not guarantee the same level on the job performance. For this reason, we insist on maintaining close supervision of our officers.

Security Guard:

Once you choose METRO  Security Services as your security company, you will find a highly trained and motivated staff, who will provide you with the highest quality security services on a consistent 24/7 basis throughout The Gambia. We understand that the appearance and behaviors of our security services directly reflects on our company and our clients. We take considerable time and effort to train and prepare all our security officers before they're assigned to your post. METRO Security Services commitment to superior security services begins with a commitment to its employees. We understand the critical role that a security professional plays in the overall success of a facility and we are devoted to hiring high caliber employees who are intelligent, capable, and dedicated individuals. Candidates are carefully selected by an experienced recruitment staff committed to finding those individuals who meet METRO Security Services rigid employment standards. Through training, performance evaluations, and quality assurance measures, we ensure that security officers maintain standards consistent with METRO Security Services stringent requirements.

Training and Screening

METRO Security Services commitment to proper training is vital to ensuring effective job performance. Our comprehensive employee training consists of three well designed training programs. Security officer development is an on-going process beginning with basic training in the core principles of effective security, progressing to site-specific job training and continuing to advance training in value-added subjects.

METRO Security Services officers are trained in the following core areas:

Professionalism                                           Fire Safety

Public Relations                                           Attention to Detail

Report Writing                                              Vehicle Patrol Safety

Access Control                                             Crime Scene Management

Proper Patrol Procedures                           Emergency Management Control

Effective Communication Method 

Security Officer Requirements:

  • Be competent and respected by clients & the community.
  • Be positive and an effective communicator.
  • Be successful in resolving problems and issues.
  • Be quick in thinking and acting.
  • Be alert and observant.
  • Be reliable and dependable.